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It was Anti-bullying week from 16-20 November 2020. This year the theme was 'United Against Bullying' and there was a slew of events on various social media using #antibullyingweek and #abw20 where you can still go to see some of the action. It also seems a good time to reflect on bullying in the context of the higher education sector.

Hengyi Wang, Debbie Sperring, Dr Sarah Watson and Lizzy McKinney – Student Academic Success Advisors at the University of Sussex Business School – have produced a very useful overview outlining how they have tried to ensure that no student is left behind due to moving teaching online, especially international students.

Alison McCamley and Karl Baker-Green discussing some issues concerning academic advising Online.  

How can academics look after their student’s wellbeing effectively if they have mental health problems that are not being supported adequately?

Why the 'gym membership analogy of higher education' is too simplistic?

Welcome to 2020!

At the University of Birmingham, every undergraduate and taught postgraduate has a Personal Academic Tutor (PAT). The role of the PAT is to support academic progress and personal development throughout a student’s University career (University of Birmingham, Code of Practice for Personal Academic Tutors, 2019). Personal Academic Tutoring is an anchor for students; it puts stude ...

We hear the phrase student journey a lot in higher education, and the notion that learning is transformative,  but how often do we stop to remember what that journey is like or how the transformation happens? Yesterday I had the privilege of chairing some sessions at UP North, our annual learning and teaching conference. One of the sessions, presented by Robert Farmer of Northa ...

Personal tutoring is often perceived as some kind of lost or elusive art to master: there are few rules and regulations and plenty of disputes over what exactly it is and how it should be structured.  The topic certainly polarises: we hear stories of “good” and “bad” tutoring, colleagues who value it and meet their commitments and colleagues who don’t do either.  Yet personal t ...