UKAT offers conferences, webinars and other events throughout the year, both online and in various locations around the UK. These events provide professional development opportunities for personal tutors and academic advisors who are invested in helping students achieve academic success.

The UKAT Annual Conference is the major event of the year and provides an opportunity to learn in general sessions from experts in the field, gain knowledge and review best practices with colleagues in concurrent sessions, and participate in interactive workshops. The variety of learning formats also may include poster sessions, exhibitor presentations, and formal and informal networking opportunities.

Upcoming Events

  • Helping Students Cope with Remote

    Thursday 23 April 2020, 14:00

    Dr Frances Longstaff, Fika

    Fika produce a mental fitness app for universities and are on a mission to mainstream Mental Fitness by bringing Emotional Education to students around the world.

    In this webinar, Fika's head of psychology will discuss Fika's approach to supporting mental fitness for students and will describe some exciting support they are providing in response to the current COVID pandemic to enable students to cope with remote learning/working and the impacts of the current restrictions. Fika see their tool as something that personal tutors can use to not only support their tutees at this time, but also to support their own emotional wellbeing, and this webinar will also explore Fika's work with personal tutors.

  • Advising in Turbulent Times

    Thursday 7 May 2020, 11:00

    Dr Karen Sullivan-Vance, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

    As we live in tumultuous times around the world, how can personal tutors/academic advisers aide students in continuing their education when many fear global issues which impact their lives? Universities should serve as places of reason, and critical reflection; this webinar will discuss how personal tutors/academic advisers can provide academic, social and emotional support to students facing the challenges our countries are facing, As negative rhetoric, political turmoil and hatred are impacting student welfare, personal tutors/academic advisers are in a unique position to support students in positive ways. Important attention will be made to highlight legal issues associated with these challenge and emphasize how personal tutors/academic advisers can provide this support while remaining politically neutral, so as to not alienate those who seek their support.

  • Training personal tutors to support the needs of diverse student populations

    Thursday 28 May 2020, 14:00

    Sean Bridgen, University of Pittsburgh; NSF Aspire Alliance; David Grey, UKAT

    The vision of the US National Science Foundation-funded Aspire Alliance is to increase the learning, persistence, and completion of students from under-represented groups in colleges and universities. Research reveals that inclusive teaching, mentoring and advising/personal tutoring leads to enhanced performance and self-efficacy which foster persistence. But whilst the importance of personal tutoring/academic advising in higher education has been recognised, personal tutoring practice has not experienced the advancement in scholarship, theory and practice that is needed. 

    In this webinar, the presenters discuss the NSF Aspire Alliance Guide to Academic Advising which has been created to train personal tutors to better serve the needs of diverse student populations. Although created for a US audience, the guidance is relevant to personal tutors in the UK. UKAT are working with the NSF Aspire Alliance to contextualise this guidance to the UK setting and to make it available to all in UK HE as an interactive online training offering for personal tutors. The plans for the UK version of this guidance/online training will also be discussed in this webinar.  

  • UKAT Annual Conference

    Monday 31 August 2020, 09:00
    Glasgow, UK

    Regrettably, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the UKAT Annual Conference has been POSTPONED from the original date of 6 April and will now be held on 31 August subject to UK Government advice. All existing registrations will be honoured and delegates registrations will be automatically transferred across to the rescheduled event.
    We are grateful to our host institution and sponsors for their continued support.


    The UKAT Annual Conference provides professional development opportunities for advisers, academics, researchers  administrators and students who are invested in helping higher education students achieve academic success. The conference provide opportunities to learn from experts in the field, gain knowledge and review effective practices with colleagues, and participate in interactive workshops. A wide range of learning formats are offered, including poster sessions, exhibitor presentations, and networking opportunities.

    This 5th Annual conference explores how personal tutoring makes a fundamental contribution to the personalisation of learning and connects the formal curriculum to student goals and aspirations to enhance student success.

Events in italic typeface are not provided by UKAT but are 3rd party events which may be of interest to UKAT members