UKAT offers conferences, webinars and other events throughout the year, both online and in various locations around the UK. These events provide professional development opportunities for personal tutors and academic advisors who are invested in helping students achieve academic success.

The UKAT Annual Conference is the major event of the year and provides an opportunity to learn in general sessions from experts in the field, gain knowledge and review best practices with colleagues in concurrent sessions, and participate in interactive workshops. The variety of learning formats also may include poster sessions, exhibitor presentations, and formal and informal networking opportunities.

Upcoming Events

  • Online Workshop: Ensuring Students Can Engage with You

    Monday 13 July 2020, 14:00, 16:00

    This 2-hour online workshop, the second in a series of two, is designed to help personal tutors and academic advisors in supporting students remotely from September. This workshop focuses on setting up the technologies chosen in workshop 1 to effectively support students at a distance. Participants will identify the technologies they can use to support students working remotely; configure their essential personal equipment for remote student support and interaction; and create a coordinated informational resource to share important information and resources with students.

  • Online Workshop Series: Creating a Flipped Tutoring Process

    Monday 20 July 2020 - Monday 3 August 2020

    This series of three free 90-minute online workshops run on 20 & 27 July, 3 August introduces a flipped approach to personal tutoring. Flipped tutoring makes students engaged, active participants in a purposeful and intentional tutoring process which helps them plan to achieve their post-graduation goals (employment, further study, etc) and tell the story of their development through their higher education experience to maximise the achievement of these goals. By engaging students in activities delivered through learning technologies, flipped tutoring enables personal tutorial meetings to focus on meaningful student development and achievement, rather than dealing with student problems. Participants are required to attend all 3 workshops and will work together to design and share a collection of student activities with the intention of enabling institutions to adopt more effective online personal tutoring in September.

  • The Power of Storytelling: creative ideas for personal tutoring in the new normal

    Tuesday 21 July 2020, 15:00 - Tuesday 21 July 2020, 16:00

    Purposeful personal tutoring is a proactive, intentionally structured process which focuses on student growth and development. With UK universities continuing to adapt to a post-COVID world, and with the Higher Education sector looking ahead to a new academic year, it can come as little surprise that personal tutoring is featuring high on the priority list of many institutions. Offering an effective way to stay in touch with students working remotely, and a purposeful and structured means of helping students grow and flourish, personal tutoring can help students differentiate themselves in a highly competitive job market. This event will explore the benefits of supporting and encouraging students to tell their story effectively and demonstrate how flipped approaches to personal tutoring, supported by eportfolio, can make a significant difference to both student and institutional outcomes.

  • Teaching Online in Autumn 2020: How to design and run an effective and equitable online course

    Tuesday 21 July 2020 - Thursday 6 August 2020

    This 3-week short course delivered by the US-based NSF-funded ASPIRE Alliance, is designed for academic staff who will be teaching online in Autumn 2020. It includes two 90 min. meetings in week 1, a week of completely asynchronous delivery, and two 90 min. meetings in week 3. Participants will be able to either take an existing face-to-face course, or create a new course, for online delivery. Another course goal is to give participants a students’ perspective on both synchronous and asynchronous delivery.  Synchronous sessions will be held from:  8:00-9:30 pm GMT on the following dates: Session #1 - Tuesday, July 21st Session #2 - Thursday, July 23rd Sessions #3 & #4 - ASYNCHRONOUS- week of July 27th Session #5 - Tuesday, August 4th Session #6 - Thursday, August 6th Click the course title to review course learning outcomes and REGISTER for the 3-week mini course.

  • UKAT Annual Conference

    Tuesday 1 September 2020, 16:30

    Regrettably we can't hold the UKAT Annual Conference as originally planned this year, but fear not! We have decided to transform the 2-day physical conference into an online 4-day Festival of Effective Advising and Tutoring

    Looking ahead to a new academic year, personal tutoring is featuring high on the priority list of many institutions. This Festival focuses on activities designed to prepare advisors and tutors to effectively support their students remotely in the new normal. It explores how personal tutoring makes a fundamental contribution to the personalisation of learning and connects the formal curriculum to student aspirations to enhance their success. There are provide opportunities to learn from experts in the field, review effective practices with colleagues, and participate in interactive workshops. And we have included a host of additional interactive workshops, presentations and social activities to make this virtual Festival of Effective Advising and Tutoring a bigger, brighter and more exciting event than the conference we had originally planned.

    All of the sessions will be recorded and made exclusively available to delegates after the event, so even if you don't manage to catch a session live, you can still engage with it later at your leisure. And all participants paying the standard delegate fee will be eligible to make a free application for professional recognition through the UKAT Professional Recognition Scheme.


Events in italic typeface are not provided by UKAT but are 3rd party events which may be of interest to UKAT members