Technology in Tutoring Symposium

15 April 2020, 10:00- 16:00
Middlesex University, London

Personal tutoring should be a proactive, purposeful process in which dialogue, metacognition and a structured programme of activities are used to help students develop agency, self-efficacy, independent learning, and achieve career and personal goals. A wide range of educational and general technologies exist which can be used and combined to enhance personal tutoring and assist personal tutors to support diverse student populations effectively.

The one-day symposium explores how technology can be used in the personal tutoring process and illustrates how technologies you already have on your campus can be combined effectively to develop student persistence and enhance student success.

Keynote speaker Dr George Steele (Ohio State University), a leading proponent of the use of technology in personal tutoring, will present insights into how technology can be used to develop richer, more meaningful interactions with students through a flipped approach to personal tutoring.

A range of leading technology vendors have been invited to showcase how distinct types of educational technology are currently being used in supporting personal tutoring across the sector. This showcase will focus on the use of virtual learning environments, learning analytics, e-portfolios, video conferencing, student diagnostics, resilience and mental health support tools. Participating vendors include Canvas, PebblePad, Retinent, SolutionPath and others.

The day concludes with an exploration of a technology demonstrator developed by UKAT which shows how these different tools can be combined to create an effective, proactive, purposeful personal tutoring process. Participants will be given 6-months free access (normal price £80) to an online learning course on developing flipped advising approaches.

Costs and Registration

Attendance at the event costs:

  • £50 for UKAT members, or employees of UKAT member institutions
  • £60 for non-members