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About This Webinar

The NSF Aspire Alliance aims to promote underrepresented minority student academic achievement, and effect change by aligning and reinforcing both professional development and hiring practices of diverse and inclusive STEM faculty. NACADA is a key Alliance partner; together they aim to enhance opportunities for faculty development about three key areas: advising, research mentoring, and inclusive teaching. The Aspire Alliance has developed an Inclusive Faculty Framework, which is grounded in research and theory, and engages faculty in the development of foundational skills that promote increased student academic success.
In this session participants will:
(a) learn about the Aspire Inclusive Faculty Framework and Aspire resources
(b) provide input about the viability of the framework in UK institutions, with a focus on the translatability of advising to personal tutoring, and
(c) discuss ways that NACADA and UKAT can build upon Aspire work to benefit personal tutors and faculty in the UK.

About the Presenters

Sean Bridgen,  Director of Academic Advising, University of Pittsburgh; NACADA
Don Gillian-Daniel,  University of Wisconsin
April Dukes,  Faculty and Future Faculty Program Coordinator, University of Pittsburgh
David Grey, UKAT