About This Webinar

This session explores the use of the Listening Rooms methods to evaluate students’ experiences of Academic Advising at Sheffield Hallam University.

Sheffield Hallam University is a large Higher Education Institution in the North of England with over 30,000 enrolled students over 3 Colleges.  Hallam has a been committed to supporting student attainment and experience through Academic Advising for almost a decade. Listening Rooms have been used across Hallam to understand student voice in order to bring about positive change since 2017 and in the academic year 2020-21 we applied the Listening Rooms method to the evaluation of Academic Advising across the whole University.

The purpose of the Listening Rooms method is to provide opportunity for participants to share, reflect and explore their own experiences in a safe and private space, generating qualitative data that legitimises and exposes genuine participant voice.

The purpose of Round Table Analysis is to analyse large qualitative data sets with intent to engender strategic change. The approach immerses contributors in the lived experience of students and empowers them to take ownership of data, using it to change behaviours and inform strategic decision making.

During this session, we will share findings and recommendations from our methodologies.

About the Presenters

Dr Emma Heron, Helen J. Parkin and Melissa Jacobi, Sheffield Hallam University

Who Should Attend

This session may be of interest to those who are interested in:

  • using innovative methods to listen to students
  • hearing honest appraisal of Academic Advising
  • evaluating strategic initiatives
  • exploring recommendations for positive institutional change for Academic Advising