About This Webinar

This webinar will explore the issue of tutor – tutee relationships, focusing on how we can know more about our tutees in order to support them effectively. The current growth in the use of simple data and learning analytics to facilitate the work of personal tutors has the potential to facilitate communication and sharing of information, and thus enhance the quality of communication between personal tutors and their tutees to improve student engagement and support the tutee. However, tutors may need advice and guidance in how to make effective use of data from analytics systems. I contend that this information requires the lens of a humanistic framework in order to be transformed into the knowledge and insight that can support the tutor-tutee relationship. The Johari Window is presented as an example of a useful heuristic to support tutors in doing this. There will be opportunity for discussion around the use of learning analytics in personal tutoring, and other ideas for maximising value of the small amount of contact time tutors have with their tutees, in order to forge productive relationships.  Participants who are interested may choose to be involved in a follow up piece of research.

About the Presenters

Ricky Lowes is a Senior Personal Tutor in the Plymouth Business School at the University of Plymouth.  She is also a Lecturer in English as a Foreign Language.  She is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a member of the UKAT research committee.

Who Should Attend

Open to

  • UKAT members and any non-members with an interest
  • Personal tutors, those leading tutoring, those with an interest in student dashboards and analytics, and those in other relevant roles