This research project focuses on subject areas where the academic advising model is successfully implemented (determined by NSS scores) in two Higher Education Institutions in the UK. It will:

  1. Explore how academic advising policy is operationalised and the implementation monitored.
  2. Explore the decision making process (balancing resource constraints with best practice) at a local level.
  3. Create a set of prioritised principles to be used by others when implementing academic advising policy at a local level.


This will be achieved by:

  • Identifying what is deemed as best practice from the literature from a student and academic advising perspective.
  • Identifying what roles are involved in the design and implementation of the academic advising model at the local level.
  • Ascertaining how they balance evidence of best practice from the literature to inform decision making at a local level with resource constraints, through semi-structured interviews and a questionnaire.
  • Ascertaining if there are broad disciplinary commonalities across the two institutions.