This piece of research will be an evaluation of the Sport Business Management (SBM) Academic Professional Advisor (APA) model.  The research will be a longitudinal cohort study, tracking 3 cohorts of students over a five year period. The study will track the students engagement, experiences and perceptions of tutoring and advising interventions across their period of study.

It is important to note that this intervention will run as part of learning and teaching enhancement activities within the course team.

Data collected during the longitudinal cohort study will be used to inform pedagogical research outputs that aim to increase the knowledge base around effective advising and tutoring in higher education.

The rationale for the research is to identify the value the students and staff place on new and innovative methods of advising and tutoring, this will lead to a best practice, evidence informed model that can be advocated at Sheffield Hallam University. Theoretical underpinning will include student identity, the concept of belonging and connectedness and relationship development. The research aims are listed below.

The research aims include:

  • To establish student expectations of what 'support' they will receive at SHU pre enrolment?
  • To monitor how well students engage with the APA touch points.
  • To identify student's perceptions of the support they receive from the APA model
  • To evaluate whether the process of matching students to an APA using simple pre enrollment information was perceived beneficial from a staff and student perspective.
  • Identify elements of best practice and areas for development for future implementation and dissemination across the wider faculty and university.

This piece of research will evolve over the period of the study with elements being added and taken away from the learning and teaching enhancement intervention.

The study will result in an internal evaluation of the APA model, but will also result in spin off publications on relevant pedagogical topics - for example the effect of using pre arrival information to match students to appropriate staff. The aim of the research team is to also present the findings at suitable conferences.