The project aims to explore the relationship between academic advising and alumni.  It aims to provide some insight into one aspect of the broader picture of academic advising 'around the edges' (i.e. pre-enrolment and post-graduation).

The project is interested in the following broad areas:

  • the relationship between good academic advising and alumni loyalty, belonging, altruism and identity
  • hearing alumni 'voices'
  • how academic advising relates to activities undertaken by university careers services and alumni services with regards post-graduation students
  • 'new DLHE' (15 months post-graduation) and the role of academic advisers to maintain good relationships and contacts
  • finding easy and cheap methods for maintaining contact, creating communities of practice (e.g. LinkedIn, other social media)
  • gaining a better appreciation of 'exit transitions'
  • exploring alumni and academic advising expectations around their respective roles
  • the importance of care, support, trust and 'civic friendship'
  • a 'stretched' academic advising role or a redefining of the role (and re-resourcing) to accommodate pre and post study support and contact
  • a forever-lasting relationship versus natural cut-off point between individual and university (and how reference-writing requests fit in)