Who Are UKAT?

UKAT, the United Kingdom Advising and Tutoring association, is the sectoral voice and leading association for personal tutors and academic advisors. UKAT is a collection of multidisciplinary academic and support professionals dedicated to transforming tutorial and advisory practices so that every higher education student can experience inclusiveness, well-being and personal growth. We recognise that effective tutoring and advising is fundamental to the personalisation of learning, increasing employability, enhancing student outcomes and all aspects of student success. Our vision is for a higher education experience in which tutoring and advising are core to student success and personalise learning to empower all students to flourish. We support the development of staff and students throughout the learning journey by sharing resources, practising scholarly inquiry, promoting partnership, fostering community, and espousing excellence in personal tutoring and academic advising practice.

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UKAT membership is open to all higher education institutions from around the world. The membership benefits from strong partnerships with colleagues from the USA, Australia, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, and Sweden and from partner organisations including NACADA, LVSA and OneHE. Inclusivity is at the heart of what we do: it's central to our mission as professionals in higher education, working not only with students but also with each other as a professional body.  We warmly welcome new members wherever they practise and encourage contributions across all our activities so that we can help spread the work we do and enhance the development, recognition and value of personal tutoring and academic advising.


What We Do

UKAT promotes student success by advancing the scholarship and practice of personal tutoring and academic advising in the UK and beyond. We provide opportunities for professional development, research support, networking, and leadership for our diverse membership.


Through our research mentoring programme, we are championing efforts to grow research capacity and build the evidence base which demonstrates the impact that advising/tutoring have on student success. This programme enables members, regardless of their job role or research experience, to receive help and support in taking a research idea from inception, through the design and implementation of robust study to publication of the outcomes. This is complemented by a range of publications such as a special edition of Frontiers in Education focused on advising and tutoring in higher education.

We will continue to build on our research mentoring programme, and enhance it by offering webinars, collaborative research events and small-scale research grants for members.


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Professional Development

Our professional development offerings currently include

  • 2-day annual conference
  • Free monthly webinars, and archive recordings of previous webinars, delivered by sector experts on a wide range of tutoring and advising topics from the strategic, institutional and individual practice perspectives
  • International travel bursaries and study trips
  • Special Interest Groups (Strategy & Policy, Coaching, Professional Service Advisors, HE in FE)

Our activities are underpinned by the UKAT Professional Framework for Advising and Tutoring, a professional competency framework which defines the competencies that tutors/advisors and tutoring/advising leaders should possess. This framework is mapped to, and extends, the UKPSF and National Occupational Standards for Personal Tutoring. We are currently piloting a professional recognition and accreditation scheme based on this framework which will soon be available across the sector and will recognise excellence in advising practice and leadership. Member institutions will be eligible to run their own accreditation recognition programmes.

We offer a range of online publications focusing on individual practice and institutional approaches to the organisation and enhancement of tutoring/advising to support student success. A range of online professional learning modules will soon be available, covering topics including

  • Foundations of advising and tutoring
  • Advising theory
  • Interpersonal relationships in advising and tutoring
  • Legal and ethical issues in advising and tutoring
  • Technology and data in advising
  • Supporting student success
  • Inclusive advising practices
  • Quality enhancement of advising and tutoring

Benefits of Institutional Membership

Being a member of UKAT enables your institution to benefit from a wide variety of networking opportunities, and to collaborate and share practices that support student success with expert tutors and advisors across the sector.

UKAT offers two levels of institutional membership plans – Standard and Enhanced. The Enhanced plan includes 20 named members (double the number offered with Standard Institutional Membership) and it also includes 5 Professional Recognition Submissions, Enhanced Institutional Membership is priced at £1295 which represents a saving of over £1000 if the benefits were bought individually.

The tables below provide an overview of the benefits your institution will receive from taking out Institutional Membership of UKAT, and the savings gained from considering the enhanced package.

Comparison of the institutional membership plans



Standard Membership
(£795 per annum)

Enhanced Membership
(£1295 per annum)

Institutional contact/lead member with voting rights in the UKAT AGM



Institutional representative on the UKAT Advisory Board which influences UKAT strategy and the benefits that it provides to members



Institutional student representative on the UKAT Advisory Board which influences UKAT strategy and the benefits that it provides to members



Additional named members of the institution who receive all UKAT communications and can be full participants in the UKAT community



Professional Recognition applications for members of institutional staff within the year



Free delegate place at the UKAT Annual Conference for one member of staff



Free delegate place at the UKAT Annual Conference for one student representative



15% discount on the standard delegate fee for the UKAT Annual Conference for all members of institutional staff



Bimonthly newsletters



Access to UKAT Member only resources



Discounted access to UKAT online learning courses, workshops and events



Access to discounted consultancy and onsite training delivered by recognised UKAT trainers and consultants



Through our association with Retinent Ltd, 25% discount on the cost of Retinent Resilience+ 




Overview of savings from Enhanced Membership Package

Enhanced Membership Package


Institutional Membership, 20 memberships, 5 Professional Recognition submissions £1295

Equivalent prices for standard Institutional Membership, 10 additional Memberships and 5 Professional Recognitions

Institutional Membership


Additional 10 Institutional Memberships (giving a total of 20 UKAT members) @£35 pp


5 Professional Recognitions @£250


Total Cost


Saving:  £1100

We believe the Enhanced Institutional Membership package represents great value for money for and it is available for purchase now.

Terms and Conditions of Institutional Membership

Looking for Personal Membership information? Check out our Personal Membership page for more details about individual membership of UKAT.

Spread the word about UKAT Institutional Membership

We have produced a free informational flyer which you can download and print to give to colleagues and managers to spread the word about UKAT institutional membership.

Current Institutional Members

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