NSF Aspire Alliance Guide to Academic Advising for Personal Tutors in STEM Disciplines

The vision of the National Science Foundation-funded Aspire Alliance is to increase the learning, persistence, and completion of students from underrepresented groups (URG) in colleges and universities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Academic staff are a key leverage point in the success of URG undergraduate students. When URG students are taught by URG faculty, they achieve at significantly higher rates. Research also reveals that inclusive teaching, mentoring and advising/personal tutoring leads to enhanced performance, self-efficacy, and STEM identity, which foster persistence. In addition, while academic advising in higher education has been professionalized and its importance in student success recognized, faculty advising has not experienced the advancement in scholarship, theory and practice that is needed.

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Colum Cronin and Matt Markin, our good friends from NACADA, run a regular podcast on all matters related to academic advising. 

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